Drake Intelligence is a London-based risk consultancy advising firms and individuals working in a diverse range of sectors around the world. Our Founder, John Drake, has been guiding individuals and organisations through challenging times in hazardous environments for over ten years.

He is the former head of intelligence at a leading international risk mitigation firm and has produced countless risk assessments for clients working across the globe. He has worked in a diverse range of environments including the Sri Lankan jungle, post-invasion Iraq and Lloyd’s of London. He has also co-ordinated time-sensitive intelligence updates to help clients during global crises such as the Arab Spring, Ukrainian conflict and numerous terrorist attacks spanning from Boston to Mumbai.

The Drake Intelligence consultancy also includes a wide range of carefully cultivated sources with regional and subject-matter specialisms. These informed experts are available in locations varying from Sydney to Syria and provide the latest relevant security, political, cultural, medical and technical insight to augment Drake Intelligence reporting and analysis.